This class is for Concealed Carry Permit holders who would like advanced training. 

Advanced Concealed Carry will teach aspects of:

Katie excelling in her advanced concealed carry class.

  • Defensive Shooting

  • Home Invasion

  • Clearing Rooms

  • Hostage Situations

  • Shooting from a vehicle

  • And all other aspects (Drawing from concealment, emergency & tactical reloads)

Items required:

  • Pistol or Revolver

  • 250 rounds of ammunition

  • Strong side holster

  • Extra mag or speed loader and pouch

  • Concealed Carry clothing (vest or jacket)

  • Eye and Ear Protection

  • Shoes/Boots (To Provide Stability & Protection)

Pre-registration is required - cost $150   November 11, 2018 2:00pm